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2nd Annual Pinewood Derby: Just the Facts! Race details, rules, regulations, resources, prize info., tips and tricks!

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This page is for information only regarding the Brick Vault's 2nd Annual Pinewood Derby. Car kits $15 now available for pre-order. Registration $10.If you'd like to purchase a car or registration please copy and paste the following into your browser: 

Race Day for 2024 is TBD

This Pinewood Derby is for ABSOLUTELY ALL AGES! There is no scout affiliation required; this derby is for EVERYONE! You may order a car kit through the Brick Vault, or you may source your own car. If you've participated in pinewood derby's in the past, you may even enter that historical car as long is meets requirements. 

There will be a main race in which the rules regarding a car's weight, length, size etc. will be strictly followed. In this main race, there will be awards for the following:

First Place: $150 gift card to the Brick Vault and trophy. 

Second Place: $100 gift card to the Brick Vault and trophy

Third Place: $50 gift card to the Brick Vault and Trophy

Best in Show: this place is reserved for a car that will be singled out for exceptional style, creativity, or innovation. The award is is an engraved medal...and mad respect!

After the main race, there will be a second, No-Holds-Barred Race, in which all the rules and restrictions are out the window! You can enter cars that are overweight, motorized, or otherwise out of specification. As long as the modifications pose to threat to the public and the car will ride down the track, any type of modifications are allowed! A quick web search for "illegal pinewood derby tricks" returns some entertaining ideas and videos. The winner of this no-holds-barred race will earn the title of Most Savage along with an engraved medal. 

The Concept:
Racers craft a car from a block of wood (typically pine,) using a standard kit with 4 wheels and 4 axels. Cars can be creatively designed to taste and modified for better odds according to rules and regulations of each race. The cars are then raced down a sloped wooden track, using gravity to reach the finish line. Cars travel approximately 20 mph, which means each race will only last a few seconds! The race will operate on a ladder-less elimination method, ensuring each participant  at least 2 races. 

The Rules and Regulations:
-cars may not weigh more than 5 oz (we will have a scale)

-cars may not be more than 2 ¾ in wide (we will have a ruler)                                          -cars must have a 3/8 inch clearance between the belly and the track (cars will ride along a center rail, which is why clearance and alignment of car is important)
-cars must be freewheeling-no motors or starting devices (this applies to main race only, all modifications are welcome in the no-holds-barred race)
-weights and designs are up for interpretation by the racer

Highly Recommended Resources:

EASY Pinewood Derby Car WINS using Science!!! **this is a seriously good video, if you use no other resources at least check this one out 

Discussion forum

Pinewood supplies

-Ladderless elimination method; points are accumulated after each race. 1st place=0 points, 2nd place=1 point, 3rd place=2 points. A car is “eliminated” when the defined point level is accumulated. The race “winner” is the last car that has not been “eliminated.” (Points will be displayed on a manned score board)
-Each racer will get to enter their car at least twice.


Thank you for your support of this fun community event! We hope that everyone has fun designing and building their cars! We'll see you on race day! 



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